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Motherhood is motherhood. Nothing matches this beautiful universal feeling. It is a universally present dream in the lives of all women. They think of becoming a mother the day they start growing up. The first feeling of motherhood comes when a young girl holds her first doll. This feeling develops as the time passes. Once in a relationship the desire strengthens further. I know how you must have felt after hearing that you can’t become a mother. The solution of your happiness now rests in the assisted reprduction. There is nothing to worry about. Keep your emotions under control. This will help you think realistically. Which ever path you will choose will lead to the happiness of motherhood. Becoming a mother naturally is no doubt a blessing in itself. If you can’t be a mom naturally atleast you have a chance of becoming mother through alternative way. Once you will have the baby, you will be far better than the ones who have tried everything but could not see their dreams coming true.