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I’m 33 and I’m pretty sure I have dor, my lowest fsh to date is 9.9 (UK), and my highest (this week) was 12.8, I was due to start another ivf cycle on 11th September, but this has now been put on hold. I’m really upset about it all, and am really worrying whether I’ll ever be a mammy. My level this week was 174 (again UK figures), but I’m not sure what this means as the normal levels for follicular phase at the lab go up to 600 I haven’t had my amh done, my consultant put me off because he asked the question ‘what will you do if its low, give up?’ and obviously I feel too young to give up. As for egg quality in my 1st ivf cycle I got 4 eggs which all fertilized, so am figuring quality is ok its just quantity. Sorry rambled a bit there. My consultant has now said to do the short protocol, but I’ve no idea when this will be. I’d say it’s because I am in the US and in the US seeing a doctor happens just as often as seeing a deity of some sort. I’m actually glad that I get to see them (the RE) once a month. If I were still in my home country… eh, I would have been done long ago with all these diagnostic things.