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We tried for 3 years. And trust me, I know cinceiving a baby can be realky hard. In my case, it proved to be impossible. I was left with no where to go. Then my husband brought up the idea of taking help of a fertility clinic. Little did I know, it was the start of a whole new sequence of torture and failures for me. 2 IUIs and 3 ivfs later m, we were still where we started with the addition of broken hopes and shattered dreams. It was then that my husband came up with surrogacy. I was not ready for it. Not at all. But I didn’t want to disappoint my husband. So I said yes. The first day that I felt happy was the day they tild me they will use my eggs. The child will be genetically ours 100%. But I didn’t wanna get my hopes too high. And then, a year later, they passed my daughter to me. That little cotton ball. I still remember that time. I still remember that yawn. That cry, I will never forget. I love this little piece of me so much.