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Hey Olivia, it felt really good to see your post. Its’ good that you have decided to go for surrogacy. I am considering it too. I am also trying to get normal pregnancy for years but I wasn’t lucky enough. So after all other treatments and in a very hopeless phase, my friend told me about surrogacy. I also searched about it on many forums. I also saw many videos and read reviews. I am quite motivated after reading all those reviews. The success stories motivate me even more to go for it. Currently I am in Ireland, so I have decided to go to Ukraine for surrogacy. As I can easily get visa for Ukraine. Also the treatment there is quite inexpensive and the success rate is quite high. Currently I am talking to Biotexcom for treatment. They have wide database of surrogate mothers so we don’t need to find the surrogate mother ourselves. Also the other facilities are quite client-friendly.