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I’m very sorry for. I hope you are feeling well. Thanks for sharing your experience that can help other. I shocked to see that you face miscarriage three times. It’s very difficult to time for women . I want to share my experience of miscarriage may be that can help other. Miscarriage hurt a lot. There is no other feeling worse than the feeling of losing your unborn baby. I was 25 years old when I got pregnant first time. A bike hit me on road accident and I face miscarriage due to this worse event. My bones were broken. After treatment doctor said to me that you’re infertile. That event was the worse event of my life. My friend guided me to a clinic in Europe. I went there and concern with the doctor. The doctor told me about different infertility treatments IVF, IUI, and surrogacy. He suggested me surrogacy as the good infertility treatment. After surrogacy treat, I have 2 babies. Now, I am very happy.