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It is not an easy task to become a surrogate mom. It is responsibility and commitment. On the other hand it demands the physical and the mental health of the surrogate too. Once the surrogate mom gets ready for conception she actually puts her life into danger. Her selfless efforts are commendable. Nothing can match them. There is no compensation for what she is doing. Besides this darker side of the picture the surrogate can enjoy number of benefits too. It is an excellnt way to feel relaxed. Anyone who wants to satisfy the personal self by helping others can benefit from being surrogate. A surrogate establishes a strong emotional bond with the biological parents. The dedicated efforts of the surrogates keep them connected for long in the relationship of thankfulness. As the surrogate has to stay fit therefore she undergoes regular checkups. Hence it becomes possible to stay fit. Above everything the financial compensation matters alot. A surrogate gets sufficient monetary help.