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Hi Good to see your post. I hope you are doing well. That is great you are searching for a solution to the problem rather than become worried. I appreciate you. You are doing well. You did not give up and still moved toward a solution. I want to share my experience of IVF and surrogacy. I was 24 years old. I face miscarriage due to a road accident. My bones were broken. A doctor said to me that you are infertile. That was the difficult situation that moment. I was depressed and disappointed. Lose of the unborn baby is worse than if we have not babied. My friend suggested me IVF treatment. IVF did not bring any luck for me. I went through cycles of IVF but nothing success in this. I post on a forum and shared my problem. Women told me their experience in surrogacy as I am sharing my experience. They told me success rate of surrogacy. I agreed for surrogacy. I consider with a doctor in the clinic in Europe. After surrogacy, i have 2 babies. Surrogacy is such hope for intended parents.