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Hi, I hope you are best in your health. I am glad to see your post. You choose the option for infertility treatment. The success rate of that treatment is more than any other treatment. Your decision about surrogacy is good. Surrogacy is the good unnatural way to get your own biological baby. I know it is the difficult time for you. Infertility is really painful. Surrogacy is the really good solution of that. I can understand your situation because I faced same. I am also infertile. Infertile is very painful for many women and men also. I was totally disappointed and discouraged but I am really thankful for my friend she told me about a clinic in Europe. I went to that clinic outstanding and specialist of infertility treatment. Many other clinic use reputation of this clinic. After checkup doctor advised me that surrogacy is good infertility for you. I agreed and after surrogacy, I have a cute baby. I recommend surrogacy because of the success rate of this so high. Many women positive view about that.