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Hey, it’s completely fine to be afraid. But I have a few things you would like to know and that might end your fear too. I have heard surrogacy has the most success rates. I was declared infertile 3 years ago. you won’t believe I gave up everything I had. Everything made me sad. Everything made me frustrated. But I went through with it anyhow. Surrogacy was the only alternative I had. My DH was supportive of it as well. It was just my family that didn’t like the concept. But this was my only hope. I have a depressed personality I don’t find happiness easily. Somehow I managed to pacify my parents about it. I went for surrogacy. I got to choose the surrogate mother even. I now have a daughter that’s 2 years old and she is the love of my life. There are clinics in other countries that are much cheaper. I hope that my comment was of some aid to you 🙂