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Surrogacy is a miracle treatment. It brings happiness to the lives of the gloomy and disappointed IPs. It is even helpful for the unisex and the single parents. Despite all its benefits, it has certain limitations. The most critical thing is the legal status of the process. Many states still don’t allow the process of surrogacy. Even if they allow the process is very complicated. There are several legal procedures that have to be completed prior to going for the procedure. These pre-procedure things can save anyone going for surrogacy from unnecessary losses. The foremost legal requirement is the search for the legal status in your country. It is important to find out if the process is allowed or not allowed by the administration. It is very important to clearly identify the parties involved in the procedure. The process requires that all medical screening and tests must be fulfilled. The legal status of the clinic is important to explore. Wishing all the IPs going for surrogacy a smooth journey in the days to come.