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Isabella Gomez

Hey Ezabel, hoping that you are doing great with your life. You are absolutely saying right. A woman who is already broken by hearing the news of her infertility may die because of these kinds of filthy clinics. But these kinds of clinics don’t have humanity. They don’t know what they are harming the society, as a lady is the creator of the society. And I wanted to say thank you for sharing these kinds of awareness posts. You are really helping those women who have been a victim of these clinics. I myself, also been a victim of the clinic known as Adinos. I was declared infertile after having two miscarriages. I chose to go with surrogacy. I contacted them, but they didn’t bother to send a reply. And when they called me they showed rude behavior. They have no right at all to spoil someone’s life. Anyway best of luck with everything.