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Hello there. Hope you’re good. I’m 24 years old n married one year ago. After few months ago Doctors told me that i’m Infertile, because of heart diseases. Then, I’m very sad at the time, but my husband can support me very well. Then, I hear that Adonis clinic is near to my Street. Then, I go to Adonis clinic. The peoples of the staff is very unfriendly. They cannot pay attention to my problem and check up. The structure and the apartments of the clinic is also very dirty. Their clinic also don’t have a specified security and their is nothing is safe at night. We see that some thiefs can make the plan of the robery tonight. Their apartments are horror. They cannot pay attention to clean it. Adonis clinic is very rudd from the attitude of their persons. They cannot wash their hands after visit the some patients and diseases spread in all peoples. I’m really disappointed by the act of this clinic. We think that this is good for me, but this is so bad.