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While surrogacy has become a new hallmark in building families, one important question remains among people interested. Due diligence, homework and research is an important job not to be overlooked. And while budget concerns may exist, it’s important not to let a more reasonably priced agency be the driving force. One must take into consideration the quality of the surrogates at the agency, the support and professionalism of the agency, an agency in good standing with affiliations with top fertility specialists and third party reproductive attorneys adept in national and international laws. Surrogacy is one of the most significant decisions one will make. Partnering with a company such as Extraordinary Conceptions, an international egg donor and surrogate agency, will navigate a couple through a seamless process, without glitches. For future parents, finding the best surrogacy agency means locating one with official brick and mortar headquarters. A top-shelf agency helps ensure that its surrogates have passed a rigorous medical and psychological screening.