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Feeling sorry to hear your depressing story. Infertility is a curse for a woman. It kills her from inside. IT is the most devastating feeling for a woman. No woman wants to face this situation in his life. Unfortunately, some woman has to face this. Some naturally and some due to an accident or any other reason. I am also one of them. I got married two years ago. I have faced infertility due to miscarriages. I have also faced a horrible experience at clinic lotus. I searched for the good clinic on the internet. I got to know about lotus. I tried to reach them but they did not a response to me. I sent them much email but they did not reply to even a single one. It made me more depressed. I would suggest all of you not to go to his clinic. This is a sick clinic that I have ever seen. I would suggest moving to any other clinics. You would surely have your baby. I wish you all the luck.