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Why Accepting Infertility is Crucial Before Starting the Surrogacy Process. The first step of us doing so is making sure that those who are interested in starting the surrogacy process are dealing with their infertility properly and preparing for conquering infertility. We know how important it is to start the emotional process of surrogacy from a stable mental state, which is why we set certain requirements to make sure that all intended parents are emotionally ready to make this commitment. During this screening, a professional counselor will talk to you about your infertility journey and whether you’re truly ready for the emotional challenges of surrogacy. Entering into the surrogacy process without having overcome your infertility issues will cause struggles down the road. From selecting a surrogate to creating a meaningful relationship with her to being present for your child’s birth. These moments can cause emotional distress — and lingering feelings about your own infertility can escalate that distress immensely.