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    lisa grey

    You are really going through the worst time of your life. I am so sorry to hear about you. You had three miscarriages? That’s really painful. I can’t say anything. But a very shameful act from your husband that he is giving you divorce when you really have a need of your husband. That’s shameful. Do not lose hope. Be very strong and brave. Do contact a clinic for the better response. There is a clinic which is giving the best results. But please, be careful from such clinics like Lotus or Adonis. Lotus clinic is really a bad clinic in Europe. Their team is irresponsive and illiterate. My prayers are with you. Stay happy.



    Why Accepting Infertility is Crucial Before Starting the Surrogacy Process. The first step of us doing so is making sure that those who are interested in starting the surrogacy process are dealing with their infertility properly and preparing for conquering infertility. We know how important it is to start the emotional process of surrogacy from a stable mental state, which is why we set certain requirements to make sure that all intended parents are emotionally ready to make this commitment. During this screening, a professional counselor will talk to you about your infertility journey and whether you’re truly ready for the emotional challenges of surrogacy. Entering into the surrogacy process without having overcome your infertility issues will cause struggles down the road. From selecting a surrogate to creating a meaningful relationship with her to being present for your child’s birth. These moments can cause emotional distress — and lingering feelings about your own infertility can escalate that distress immensely.



    Hi Alsa. How are you now? Hope so you are in good health now. I am really feeling very sorry for what you have to go through. This is really insane. Your story is very heartbreaking. I wish that this would not happen. My dear, I will suggest you go for infertility treatment. This is really gonna help you so much. Wish you the best of luck. Sending you positive vibes.



    I just hope everything is happening well with you. I felt deep grief for your loss. Your husband is leaving you, it breaks the heart. I can feel your pain. You’d be strong and optimist. Well, there are many working treatments for infertility. Especially, surrogacy is prominent among them. It’s getting popularity among individuals due to its high success rates. The most important step in this regard is choosing the right clinic. There’s a clinic in Ukraine offering surrogacy with a guarantee. Many people have shared success stories about them. I must say one should visit there. Their consultation service may help you. Sending baby dust to you.



    Hey Alsa, I hope you will be feeling well today. It’s so heartbreaking to read your story. You have suffered a lot. No woman deserves to suffer this. We are all here to support you. Don’t lose your hopes. There does exist a good clinic which is all ready to help the infertile couples. I would suggest you to opting for surrogacy. This will be the best solution in your case. It’s sad to hear about your divorce talk to him about surrogacy. Ask him for his support. Surrogacy will surely work for you. Its success rate is increasing day by day. I have heard about a clinic located in Eastern Europe. It is providing the best facilities and services in this regard. You can dm me to ask the further details. Hope things will work better for you!



    I will definitely pray for you. Though it was really hard for you. Though you have gone through a very rough time. But after worst time. You have will have a good time in the end. That’s the good thing. Surrogacy is the blessing for many couples. Those who are living childless. They are getting happiness through surrogacy. It needs some time and patience. I wish every country should make surrogacy legal. It is a blessing for many couples. There is a good clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing in with surrogacy issues. Till then I wish you a good luck.


    Julia Christine

    Hey Alsa! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. You are spending a very tough time. Of course, you should go for alternatives. Such methods are really great and people are also getting so much help from it. There is a clinic in Europe, I heard so many great reviews about experiences about them. Even one of my friends had her successful surrogacy from there. I think you should consult them. I hope it will be fruitful for you.
    My sympathies


    Farah Smith

    Hey, am really sorry to know about your situation. You are going through very hard times. I just hate this Society who just blame women for everything. In this situation you need more care and support, instead of that, your husband is leaving you. This is really heartbreaking for me. Well, my dear doesn’t lose hope. There is always a way. All we need is to be positive and hopeful. Surrogacy is the solution to infertility. It will surely work for you. I know about a clinic who are very prominent in this regard. You should visit them. My good wishes are with you



    I am sorry for your loss. Have patience. It is not your fault. Mc is not easy to handle. I can feel your pain. I am also infertile. But your husband should stand with you. I don’t know why he is doing all this. Anyways, if alternate ways can save your life. Then, Yes you should opt for that. As per my experience, Surrogacy is the safest known procedure. IVF has fewer chances of success. Whereas, IVF is risky too. You can contact any clinic in Eastern Europe. Good luck. Keep e updated. Take care.


    Sara Alston

    Hi Lisa. How are you doing? Hope si you are doing fine. Your story is very heartbreaking. I am feeling very sorry for you. Thanks for sharing this post. I will surely take care of what you have said. I think you should go for IVF. IVF is the best procedure for an infertile couple. I myself had a baby through IVF. And it was one of the best experience of my life. Wish you the best of luck. Sending you positive vibes.


    Martina John

    “Ohh Alsa! I really felt so sad to know about your miscarriages. It’s really an unbearable thing. You spent a very tough time. Really, you should try some alternate methods. People are getting so much help then why don’t you? You also have a right to complete your family. I think you should look for some well-reputed clinic for such services. Such methods are a bit complex. So try to find the clinic that has experienced doctors. There are some clinics in Europe. I heard so many great reviews about them. I think you should consult them. I hope you will be successful soon.
    My sympathies”



    I am so sorry for your troubles. It’s glad to hear that you are helping your friend. You don’t have to worry so much about it. There are many well-known clinics for surrogacy. According to my point of view, surrogacy is the optimal and most reasonable choice for you. For your friend you are going through much is appreciatable. Infertility is the time period where a lady needs support from her loved ones. You proved yourself to her. Keep telling her to stay strong like this. I know there are some clinics creating troubles for others. But don’t worry I know a clinic in Europe. They are treating infertility with great care and concern. I had my IVF from there. They are also providing surrogate mothers for surrogacy. I hope all her requirements will meet up. Wish you good luck.



    oh so sad to hear about you. i can imagine the circumstances you are going through. that’s really hard for should not dishearten. everything will be ok with time. I think surrogacy is the best option you can go with. there are many clinics in Europe you can contact to. but be aware of the clinic named Adonis. they are just unprofessional like they will demand for money at the initial stage. once you pay them. they will not even reply. their staff is just useless.that’s my personal experience. just don’t go with this clinic. hope everything will be fine with time. stay blessed. be happy.



    I am so sorry for you. Don’t worry there are alternatives.I would recommend you to go for surrogacy. but be aware of the clinic named Adonis. they are just unprofessional like they will demand for money at the initial stage. once you pay them. they will not even reply. their staff is just useless.that’s my personal experience. just don’t go with this clinic. hope everything will be fine with time. stay blessed. be happy.



    Dear Alsa Markle, How are you? Hope you will be very well. I am so sad for you. It is a great loss for you. You need to stay strong and positive. I wish you will get the best soon. I will suggest you go to the best clinic. I am sure you will get the best soon. Just keep trying. And stay away from the bad clinics. It is very necessary. To keep your self away from the harmful place. You need to go to the UK. It will be good for you. There are the best clinics. Wish you good luck.

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