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Hi there! I hope you are fine. Feeling bad top hear your story. Infertility is a disease that is increasing day by day. It is the most crucial phase of one’s life. It kills a woman when she hears about her infertility. You have gone through a very tough time. I have sympathy for you. Such a bad clinic the Adonis is. You are right. All the things that you mentioned above are absolutely true. Let me tell you my story. I got married two years ago. I became pregnant three times. Unfortunately, all the time my pregnancy ended at miscarriage. I became infertile. I was really depressed. I decided to go for surrogacy. I came to know about the clinic adonis. I tried to contact them but I did not get any response. I emailed them many times. They did not reply to me even a single. It made me more disappointed. It is really a sick clinic. Please keep away from this sort of clinics. I wish you all the luck.