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Hey, I am rose from Australia. Dear, the complaint against adonis clinic is now a common matter because no one had officially cased on them in the court of law. They think that no one can catch our criminal acts against patients due to the high standard, but swear by God the adonis clinic is the cheapest clinic that I have ever seen. The clinic like Adonis is the reason that infertile couples are afraid of surrogacy and IVF treatment. They have drawn a negative image in their mind that every clinic dealing with surrogacy is fraud. With the help of this forum, I recommend all of you ladies to go to the clinic in Europe. My childhood friend had positively experienced with them, they have the best packages, they took care of their patients and provide them the best service, Try not to lose hope and remain solid. And be aware of the clinic like Adonis. I hope you will succeed in your surrogacy, Best of luck dear.