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emma james

I have a miscarriage at 6 month of my pregnancy. After that I just start drinking. My husband try to bring me back to my normal life. But I have this dream of raising a baby from my childhood and when I was this much close to fulfill my dream then this horrible moment destroy every thing. I was like a person drowning in a sea of his own tears. Everything has gone dark for me. Specially when I try to go for surrogacy and contact this clinic in Ukraine called L**s. they are the worst people on this planet. I go there in hope of finding something that get me out of this darkness but their rude behavior and bad environment just push me further to this darkness. They demand a dozen of documents but did not help me in any of one. Their staff nurses are not trained well. They do not have manners. They treat their patients just for money and nothing else. They procedure is very slow. Most of their staff just preffered to sit idle and do nothing. After I visited them I am having believe that this infertility cannot be cured and I am cursed with it for ever….