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Technology is doing miracles. There are many clinics who are serving the humanity. They are blessing the infertile IPs, single parents and other similar deprived couples. Unfortuately, some clinics are messing up with the cause of extending the services. Instead of serving they are actually making the things worst. A neughbour of mine is fighting infertility at this time. Infertility was not as big a problem as it is the menace created by the clinic they contacted. The couple in my neighbour is a very passionate and brave one. They always take the things very bravely. They learned about the ART. They searched for the clinics and found the one named L***s. They were confident about the treatment. Their hope was conpletely shattered once they wrote the first email. It is now almost a month but they have not received any response. This wait is putting them into an unimaginable fear and distress. I want to share the post in order to save the others from such scam.