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Dear Alina,I am sorry to hear about your condition.I was devastated to hear about infertility but with cardiac issue also.I can only pray that you have your deserved happiness.I am an infertile also so i can understand some of your feelings.I have been married for 8 years and have been TTC. But luck has not been on our side.I had 3 miscarriages and was diagnosed with infertility.I had lost hope and had given up on happiness.But few months back a friend of ours told us about surrogacy treatment.We were amazed to hear about it and excited.We searched for it and found a clinic in Ukraine named A****s.We contacted them and asked them about general information and procedures.we were just shocked on how the responded to us.Their communication was poor and unprofessional.We have been mailing them for weeks but they dont bother to respond to it.I am disappointed with them but i have not lost hope would ask you not to lose hope also.There will be shining light for us.