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Hey, I hope you are well. This is really upsetting and worrying. I hope things get better. I have been through a very similar situation. A few months back when I was founding a clinic. I got so excited that I emailed almost every clinic I got to know about. There was this one clinic I remember that replied almost after 1 month. The reply was shocking! Mainly because I had emailed them twice and thrice explaining everything and had also mentioned that it was a matter of urgency. Anyways, the reply was that they asked me about the reason for my infertility. I calmly explained everything again. The next reply was that we are sorry we don’t do surrogacy until the patient has been through 5 IVFs. I was honestly disappointed by this attitude. Anyways, I stopped emailing them. I was able to find a much better clinic who was caring and considerate.