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Hello Ladies! I also want to add my story here. unfortunately, I am also an infertile woman. I had faced critical time due to infertility. It is also because of blocked fallopian tubes. I was so young when I was married. Due to this reason I had 4 miscarriages. In this situation, my health was so feeble. So, my husband decides to take me away from this situation. His friend told him about surrogacy. He told him about a clinic which in Europe. So we went there for our treatment. At the clinic, during ART process doctors tells me that my eggs are so weak. They advise us to use eggs of donor we do the same as they said. After all the procedures, our surrogate mother had our baby in her womb. With passage, of time I feel better and curious for my dear baby. Surrogate mother gives birth to my baby. It all was so beautiful. I would like to give a suggestion please go there. They will surely give their best to you. Baby dust to you my dear!