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emma joe

Hey, Whats up ? I am sure that you are doing well. Living like a strong believer. I am so glad that you have made a right decision for your life. Congratulations on the baby girl. Surrogacy is really a wonderful process. It has completed the families of so many people. All those who had lost hope had gone for assisted methods to fulfill their dreams. About IVF, you should talk to your doctor? What did she say? Is it safe to go for IVF now? Surrogacy has a higher success rate than IVF. Also, a less complicated process. Why don’t you try surrogacy again? So, I’ll say that infertile people to chose the best clinic first. This is important that clinic choice should be on the basis of their success ratio.. That kind of clinic will provide the good. Always be strong to the beliefs. Hope for the best and never give up your efforts. My pray and hope that interfiles people will surely have their desires fulfillment very soon. My best wishes and love.