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I ma so sorry for the disappointments dear. You are not the first person to complain about the clinic. I think you should try out Bio tex. Surrogacy is surely a fulfilling experience and no clinic should disappoint you in that. Intended parents are often able to be involved in their surrogate’s pregnancy, attending key appointments and being present for important milestones, including the embryo transfer and birth. Surrogacy is likely to be successful. Surrogates have a proven track record of carrying healthy pregnancies, which often makes surrogacy more likely to be successful than fertility treatments for intended parents. A legally binding contract outlining everyone’s expectations will be negotiated and discussed and then signed prior to the embryo transfer process, so everyone will know their rights and duties, what to expect during the surrogacy process. The advantages of surrogacy are clear to the hundreds of families who have been created in this special way. However, all of these intended parents have one thing in common: a strong desire to add to their families. For these couples and individuals, surrogacy makes this dream possible.