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I think she should resort for surrogacy. In countries and states that support commercial surrogacy, gestational carriers are compensated for their time and risk. Approximately $39,450 to $52,450 is paid to the surrogate, although this figure can vary depending on a couple factors, namely the type of pregnancy and the number of previous pregnancies.Legal protections cover surrogates too. Contracts don’t just protect the parents, they make sure that surrogates are covered too. These contracts ensure the gestational carriers are reimbursed for their time and contribution and absolve her of any responsibility following childbirth. For a surrogate, nothing beats the feeling of giving life for someone else’s family. But many prospective surrogates still want to be aware of the various risks and benefits that could come as a result of their decision. Surrogacy is a singular experience, and sharing your story may be difficult when others cannot relate. Luckily, surrogates have banded together to create solid communities and sisterhoods.