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Am sorry for the miscarriages. Surrogacy provides IPs with the unique opportunity to start a family regardless of if they are struggling with infertility or cannot conceive on their own. IPs have access to competent professionals, knowledgeable attorneys, and authoritative agencies such as Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists to guide them every step of the way. Pregnancy success rates are high due to advances in medical technology. Surrogate mothers are thoroughly screened to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are chosen. Working with the right team will alleviate any fears about the surrogacy process and provide confidence in the journey. Through surrogacy, intended parents can receive the greatest gift imaginable and surrogates can achieve deep self-fulfillment by making dreams come true. Despite some considerable challenges, the cons of surrogacy are by no means insurmountable. Intended parents who are fully committed to starting a family and surrogates who wish to give the gift of parenthood can both achieve their goals through surrogacy. The incredible reward at the end of the journey truly makes the process worthwhile for everyone involved.