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Couples struggle to conceive a child. For other couples, it is physically impossible for them to have children at all. Rather than struggle with the costs and painful procedures that reproductive treatments can bring, more couples than ever before are opting toward surrogacy. The primary benefit of surrogacy is that it is often more successful than other reproductive treatment methods. Sometimes the surrogate mother supplies the egg to be fertilized, though some couples have their own genetic material implanted into the surrogate mother. About 40 weeks later, the surrogate mother delivers a healthy baby, which the couple can then take home with them without dealing with the physical issues that pregnancy can provide. Another benefit of surrogacy is the chance to form lifelong connections that benefit the family. Many surrogates stay involved in the lives of the children they helped to carry, creating a community aspect of family that provides a loving environment where a child can grow up. Surrogacy generally has significant financial benefits that surpass just the value of the health care you receive. The intended parents pay a surrogate for the service of pregnancy and delivery. The compensation depends on your geographical location and whether you proceed with a private surrogacy or you use a surrogacy agency.