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Many couples turn to surrogacy when they feel like they have no other options. Others turn to surrogacy because they are simply tired of the painful reproductive procedures they must endure in an attempt to have a child. With the right surrogate, a healthy child can be brought into a loving family, but for a price. If you’re willing to pay that price, then pursuing a surrogacy may just be the right choice for you. Surrogacy has a high success rate; however, those who are considering this option should evaluate surrogacy risks and benefits before leaping into the process. The surrogacy process includes all aspects of the pregnancy, birth, and legal rights of both the surrogate mother and the intended parents. Every surrogacy experience is different, so the chance of unique situation arising is possible as well. One of the overwhelming pros of surrogacy is the fact that it creates a family where there may not have been one before. For intended parents, surrogacy allows them to have the genetically related child they’ve always wanted and complete a lifelong dream. For surrogates, helping those parents have that child gives them the chance to change someone’s life forever.