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I have been through surrogacy with them. I am now a proud mother. If you’re an intended parent considering surrogacy, you may wonder what the advantages of surrogacy are when you have other methods of becoming a family (for example, through adoption). However, for all intended parents, there is the overwhelming advantage that other methods may not be able to provide, a child that’s genetically related to you. More often than not, this is the reason why intended parents enter into the surrogacy process. Many intended parents who choose surrogacy do so because they’re struggling with infertility, either because of genetics, because they’re a same-sex couple who cannot have children on their own, or because they are single. The disappointment and stigma of infertility can be harsh, which is why surrogacy gives parents a chance to overcome these issues and successfully have biological children. Raising a child from birth: Surrogacy gives intended parents the chance to not only raise their child from the moment they’re born but also actively be involved in the pregnancy. Not all adoptions can offer the same advantages.