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Many people have been complaining about that clinic dear. So I do understand where your anger comes from. However, surrogacy is such a satisfying experience. Intended parents are able to be a part of every milestone of their surrogate pregnancy, from embryo transfer to their child’s birth. This way, intended parents can experience the pregnancy process in a way they may have never originally dreamed they could. While surrogacy is technically a business transaction, it’s much more to intended parents and surrogates. Usually, intended parents will form an intimate bond with their surrogate as they learn more about her and her family throughout the surrogacy process. Some surrogacy agencies may be more lenient than adoption agencies on certain intended parent restrictions like age. All surrogates are thoroughly screened to make sure their previous pregnancies were problem-free and their medical history will not impede their ability to be a surrogate. Therefore, there’s a higher chance that an embryo transfer will be successful in surrogacy than in IVF treatments. While IVF treatments and adoptions can leave intended parents feeling helpless over their own parenthood journey, surrogacy gives them the ability to be involved from the first step of the process.