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We always promote being honest with your children as we feel it creates a stronger bond between us and them. What has worked for us might not work for everyone. This is especially true for heterosexual Intended Parents. Gay IPs and heterosexual IPs have varying factors to consider when discussing surrogacy with their children. They will eventually learn that it takes a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm to create a baby. The fact that we’re both men made the decision to share certain details with our children easier. Although heterosexual Surrogacy Journeys bare different emotional implications than homosexual Surrogacy Journeys, I still feel it’s best to be honest with your child. I’ve gathered valuable insight from our heterosexual IP clients on whether they share sensitive details with their Surro-children, and how they do it. Many of our heterosexual IPs are, in fact, very open about their children’s origins. They enjoy telling their children just how badly they wanted them and how hard they had to try. They stress how special their child is and how lucky they are to have them. My personal experience with explaining Surrogacy to my children has been natural. My opinion regarding this very sensitive topic is just that- an opinion. It is neither right or wrong; it’s simply what’s worked for Adam and me. If you do choose to tell your children that they are Surro-babies, tell them how much you wanted them. Tell them how hard you worked to have them. Let them know how loved they are. Regardless of your parenting method, remember that Everyone Deserves a Family no matter the circumstance.