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Hey! Fertility treatments like surrogacy and IVF are the great alternatives for the people who cannot able to conceive naturally. Many of infertile people fulfill their wish of having children through these fertility treatments. But now it makes difficult for IP,s to choose fertility treatment because of some clinic non-serious attitude towards the customers. L***s is one of them who is not doing the work which they should have to do. I have been heard lots of complaints about this clinic. My friend too a victim of this clinic. She had wasted her precious time by choosing this clinic for her fertility treatment. She emailed them and asked for information related to treatment and clinic policies. But she was so disappointed by the behavior of the clinic. The clinic didn’t give her any response to the emails she sent to them. Now she is looking forward to a reputable clinic. I hope she will find a better one soon. Wish a best of luck for your cousin. God bless her.