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Oh Meggy! I am sorry you have to face such an unpleasant experience. This is so disgusting. Hygiene should be the priority of clinics and hospitals. I am glad that I never actually visited this clinic. I am also an infertile and had been TTC for 10 years now. My DHs’ friend recommended us the same clinic L***s. We emailed them to get necessary information as we live in Ireland and were not able to visit immediately. This clinic is so irresponsible and negligent that they didnt care to reply us. We kept emailing them for like 5 weeks to ask about their expense, facilities and SMs but they are so ignorant that they never replied us. This really broke our heart and we decided never to visit such reckless clinic who have no ethics to communicate with patients. We contacted another clinic in Ukraine and got a very positive and quick response. They have explained us every thing in detail and answered all our queries. We are soon going to visit them to start our surrogacy journey. It finally feels like my misery of facing 2 ectopic pregnancies, 2 failed IUi attempts and TTC efforts are going to be rewarded. This clinic has given me a real hope and I am very much excited to start my treatment.