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Jess bling

Hey, don’t worry. Honey, you surely can become a mother. You can have your baby. You can go for surrogacy. I had a miscarriage while traveling. I know doctors suggest not to travel with this state. Doctors told me that I had cancer. The reason they told was this for my miscarriage. I was empty. My husband also cheated on me. I think it was the same reason he did this to me. It was on the verge of to lose hope and patience. My friend was with me though. He helped me go through this tough time. He even took me to the clinic for my treatment. My cancer has been treated now. After which he also helped me to see the happiness again. He also took care of me and took me to the clinic for my infertility. I chose traditional surrogacy. It was the happiest moment of my life when I got to know that my surrogate delivered a baby boy. I am grateful since then.