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You should stop worrying and start enjoying life. If you keep ion thinking about having a child. Then you will not enjoy what is already in your plate,. You have a loving partner. So you should be appreciative of that. I believe a child will cone at his or her own time. If you keep on thinking about a child it might end up stressing you. And that’s not good for your health. Considering that you are looking for a child. Be optimistic and I believe a child might come your way. if the doctor told you not to worry. Then why are you worrying yourself out that much? You body might take long to adjust from taking the pills. So maybe it might take linger than you expected to be pregnant. So at least you should wait for at least a year. Just like what the doctor told you. I believe your child will come soon. A time even you were not anticipating. It always happens that way. If you ask me, that is.