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I do not know the reason to why you has to wait all that long. To be honest sometimes I am getting amused. Like what was someone doing since their early twenties. I ma not trying to judge you. Because I am shocked that at the age of 42 is when you gave your first attempt. just because your grandma managed to be pregnant at 52 does not mean it will happen to you too. The food that you are eating is different to the ones she ate. your lifestyle and hers are totally different. So now at your age being pregnant will be kinda tough. As you can already see what is happening. It is good news that you can be pregnant. But unfortunately you cannot keep the pregnancy. If this continues you can try something else. Like surrogacy. Let someone else help you carry the pregnancy. But still there are other ways of being pregnant. Like what the doctor said. About embryo transfer and the likes. The decision now lies with you. Which option you feel well best suit you.