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Such a story to read. I sympathies with you dear. More than 7 years trying to conceive. I can say that your husband loves you that much. He has been there for you at your lowest times. He should not even leave you yet. I believe it is the care and support that keeps you going. I am also glad that you have decided to share this hear. It will surely heal someone. Many people are looking for children. That they forget their own happiness in search for a child. Sometimes I feel this is not good. It is like feeding your mind junk. Forcing yourself into something that has a low chance of happening. I am not saying that conceiving will be difficult. But sometimes forgetting about all that stress can relieve you. You will find peace. And maybe, just maybe a child might come knocking. I really do wish that no one could be going through this difficult situation. But as you have said. Life sometimes is so unfair. I do hope that one day you find happiness.