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If you really want a child you will do anything for it. I will tell you not to give up. It is only the strongest who make it at the end of the line. I know of a couple that tried to conceive for over 12 years. And they later managed it. They are now proud parents. If your husband love you that much he will not let you go. You will go through the storm together. I have seen marriages break because of this. But if you are still together you have nothing to worry. 2 years off TTC is not that long. As far as you got each other back then that’s enough. Having a partner that is there for you in such a period is something to be happy of. Even if you do not get a child but at least you got your partner. But do not stop trying. I believe one day your prayers are going to be answered. It is never the end of the world. Whatever we do, we do it because we want a family. Never let that diminish your dreams. Go for it dear. Never stop looking for what will make you happy. We are here to offer you support. Whenever you feel you want to share kindly do so.