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So true. Life is not always fair to everyone. I can say that you have been through a lot. But you never gave up. Battling with thrombophilia must have been a battle itself. But it is better that it was identified. Rather than you could be getting pregnant and losing the children. That could mean you could be going along way. However, with the medication did still help. Do not despair dear. There is a long life ahead. You should live it with confidence and love. At time the search for a child leaves us heartbroken. That we forget other things that we have. We so much focus on having a child. That we do not enjoy the moment. That is so bad. It is like stressing one self. In which at that particular situation it is not good fo0r your health. While TTC you should be happy and relaxed. Do not stress yourself over the failure of not having a child. That is not your mistake. I can call it nature. Rather, focus on positivity and good vibes. I believe while you are trying to get a child. The luck will come on its own along the way.