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There was a time that I felt that way too. It just consumes you. You no longer enjoy sex. You feel like this time round I should be pregnant. Bit you need to relax. You are just from using pills. That means your body may take long to adjust. This differs from one person to another. So on average you should give it a year. Then thereafter you can start seeking for help. You might be worrying of things that are not that serious after all. Calm down and focus to get yourself first. When your cycle returns back to normal. Then is when you can start the timed sex. But for now your body is still trying to adjust. And if you have irregular cycle. That means you should take longer to study them. Then half of those days will be your ovulation period. You then start the wait. But for the time being. Let TTC consume you that much. Enjoy sex as they way you used to at first.