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The least thing right now to worry about is your mother in law. Infertility is not hereditary. And further more, it is your husband who married you and not her. Sometimes let things be. Learn to get used that people will just talk. No matter what. You have to be strong and move on. If your husband is with you then you have nothing to worry about. Chase your happiness. No one ever wished to be infertile. Also 1.5 years is not that long. My mother tried to conceive for over 5 8 years. And there was no point during that period that my dad pointed a finger. Other family members did talk. But that did not deter her. She kept on trying. She later was successful. She is now a mother of 4 children. All were naturally conceived. I really do not knw what was the problem at that time. But what I can tell you is that she was strong. My family members gossiping about her did not break her. She actually used all that negativity to raise against odds. Maybe you can do the same too.