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If its true it is unexplained infertility. Then I am wondering why the FET re not working out for you two. I know that it is one of the best method t use in your case. Maybe you should try another doctor. But next time ensure you have a clinic that serves you best. That way you will be sure of what you are dealing with. Search a clinic that has a long history of success. The reviews should also be positive. It feels to me that now you will be late. You could have done this earlier it could have been better. Anyway, all is still not lost. There are other means of helping yourself out. You can opt for surrogacy. That way you would have changed the technique. I do wish you the best. And I so hope that this time you are going to chose wisely. You should also learn about your condition more careful. So when a doctor gives you an option you are aware of the reason. You should not let the doctor do everything for you.