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You should just be calm. Collect yourself and be optimistic. I don’t think if there is anything to worry about. Believe that things will work your way. If the ultra sound was just fine. Then why keep on feeling negative about it. Even if things will not turn the way you want them too. It is not time to give up. Those who have had issue have fight. You will try other means. In this generation infertility is nearly not in existence. I know that there are people who suffer from infertility. But there are solutions for every problem. You just have to get a good clinic. Then after that focus ion solving the problem. Things will just fall in place. There are many people who have been through a similar case. But they did not give. So do not too. Keep seeking for what will make you happy. I do hope that it is positive news that await you. Even if it is not. You should not despair. We are here for you. If you want support or care.