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    Helen Red

    Hello everybody.I’m going for extracorporeal regrettably I’ve gotten into a pre-menopausal condition and so I will have to do extracorporeal. In five years I went through a retrograde, Down’s syndrome. And two miscarriages. Luckily I have recommended a very good doctor with whom we have done it all step by step. Where I was about to get into the program I did not leave this month I found my water sickness while I was coming in for the last 4 months. I got a second, but that’s nothing. I was told to go for an ultrasound on Saturday morning to see why.Tell me it has gone through this ultrasound what they want to see; I’ve been very anxious. For ultrasound.I really do not know how to handle this situation


    Hi Helen. An ultrasound is nothing to be scared of. It just takes minutes. And it isn’t even painful. Not in the slightest. I hope it all goes well. Let us know how it goes.

    June Mike

    Hi Helen, Just don’t be worry. Go for the ultrasound confidently . They just want to check some inner details that’s it. Otherwise you are good. Of Course you suffered much before. But now it all has gone now you just has to be confident for your future study. It’s very encouraging that you want to go through with the process. This shows your love Helen. Keep it up.


    I can say that you have been through a lot dear. The two miscarriages and the down syndrome. I am sorry for all this. But then I can say you are so strong. Others would even have given up in fertility. But you have not. You are still in search for your happiness. Which is something good to say so. Do not give up. I believe that one day things are going to work your way. The journey might be difficult but you will make it at the end of the day. About the ultra sound. It is nothing to worry about. Just be calm and everything will go your way. I believe your story is going to motivate others out there. Especially those who ae in search of children.


    You should just be calm. Collect yourself and be optimistic. I don’t think if there is anything to worry about. Believe that things will work your way. If the ultra sound was just fine. Then why keep on feeling negative about it. Even if things will not turn the way you want them too. It is not time to give up. Those who have had issue have fight. You will try other means. In this generation infertility is nearly not in existence. I know that there are people who suffer from infertility. But there are solutions for every problem. You just have to get a good clinic. Then after that focus ion solving the problem. Things will just fall in place. There are many people who have been through a similar case. But they did not give. So do not too. Keep seeking for what will make you happy. I do hope that it is positive news that await you. Even if it is not. You should not despair. We are here for you. If you want support or care.


    You should just be calm. Worrying makes things look what they are not. Making yourself anxious makes you feel like things will just not go the way you planned. I am sorry for the miscarriages and the down syndrome. Hoping that you found a solution to the problem. Concerning the miscarriages it could have been better if you exactly knew what the problem was. Nothing happens accidentally in the field of medicine. There must be forces behind. So now that you got a good doctor. Let her or him explain more on the scenario. I would have helped with some reasons here. But then I feel thus is nit the best platform. And i9t ill not be the answer to the question you asked. But I think the solution will be found by tracking where things went wrong. Then thereafter you will find the way of solving the problem.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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