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This is why I like it when you consult different doctors. each have a different opinion. That way you ill now what other specialist may have for you. Now focus on what the doctor tells you. Is there an option to avoid the blast? What kind of solution did he offer? And for the thrombophilia. Your friend was right. Ig that was the reason for the first miscarriage. Then you should be on medication when you are pregnant. This is to avoid a similar scenario from recurring. Now that has to make you to be going to the clinic more often. It seems to me that you do not have a lot of problem to worry about. You should just focus on the heparin injections. When you manage to get pregnant again. You should focus more on going to the clinic. That means you must be seeing a doctor more often. Now that your pregnancy will be a sensitive matter. I do hope that things will work for you dear. Remember that at any point you should not give up. Keep on trying.