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    Sophia Vega

    I am a new member although I have been reading you I now decided to join too.Let me tell you my own. With my husband, we set up for a kid in 2014 and in 7 months we got pregnant. We were hoping for our happiness – that month we had 2 contacts around the 9th and 10th days with a 28 day cycle. In the eighth, to ninth week her heart stopped and the doctor said a random incident. We left 5 months before the new attempt because I was disillusioned and eventually passed a year and nothing happened. Meanwhile, we had changed a doctor and at one and a half years he recommended a salpingography that led us in hysteroscopy.Since then we are in the effort again. I just wanted to tell you my age, I’m 36 years old.And now I’m going tell you my questions. In the summer I did a blood test which showed marginal thrombophilia and a lady, told me just when I was going to be pregnant I had to go there immediately to start injections of heparin. What scares me is it I can save it until I go there because I live in a province. I know it sounds silly and hysterical, but I’m crazy in this thought because now I have been so long to conceive …My other question has to do with the TSH that my endocrinologist found normal (3,4) while a gynecologist told me that in a possible pregnancy it will explode and we will have a miscarriage! now If he’s right we will have a problem. I needed to talk because I’m tired a


    36 is still young, let me tell you. Just keep going. I know it gets so tiring at times. However, your best move is to just keep trying I guess. So, are you about to start your heparin injections? So, you live far away, and you have to postpone. So sorry to hear that. We just have to accept that these things occur in life, and move on. Keep sharing your feelings and thoughts here. Users like me find useful info. And, bottling up feelings is never healthy


    I never knew that there are people who can go through a lot in life. Having thrombophilia and the others. Well I am fertile and never knew that there are people who go through a hard time. I can say there are strong women out there. On my side. I have never feel any problems with my fertility. Even my babies come when I have not planned for them. I do not say to myself that I now want a child. They just come for themselves. But in your case you have really struggled. Undergone a lot of medication. Injections and pills. I am so sorry for all these. even for the miscarriage that you had. I just hope that you have shared your story you will find peace. I believe that the burden is not that heavy as the start. I do hope that things go your way. If you have anything to share kindly let us know.


    This is why I like it when you consult different doctors. each have a different opinion. That way you ill now what other specialist may have for you. Now focus on what the doctor tells you. Is there an option to avoid the blast? What kind of solution did he offer? And for the thrombophilia. Your friend was right. Ig that was the reason for the first miscarriage. Then you should be on medication when you are pregnant. This is to avoid a similar scenario from recurring. Now that has to make you to be going to the clinic more often. It seems to me that you do not have a lot of problem to worry about. You should just focus on the heparin injections. When you manage to get pregnant again. You should focus more on going to the clinic. That means you must be seeing a doctor more often. Now that your pregnancy will be a sensitive matter. I do hope that things will work for you dear. Remember that at any point you should not give up. Keep on trying.


    Once TSH makes its way to your thyroid, levels are largely dictated by the amount of T3 and T4 in your blood. When T3 and T4 levels are low, the body produces more TSH to stimulate the thyroid. But when T3 and T4 levels are high, the body produces less. Several other factors can also influence TSH levels. Inflammation of the thyroid gland. Genetics. Deficiency or excess of iodine in the diet. Poisonous substances and radiation exposure. Pregnancy. Certain medications. Antidepressants, cholesterol lowering drugs, chemotherapy drugs, steroids. Thyroid cancer. So try to deal with this if you want your TSH to reduce. Common causes of hypothyroidism include an autoimmune disease. Radiation treatment, or surgical removal of the thyroid gland. Replacing thyroid hormone and altering your diet are crucial for the safe and effective treatment of an underactive thyroid.


    I hope you should conceive.I’m just telling you alternative.
    surrogacy is the most common method or way of having a child.
    i was also very stressed during my first marriage as i had many complications while getting pregnant.
    I conceived for three times but always resulted in miscarriage.
    I’m 43 years old now.
    Now i am married again and me and my husband are thinking of having of having a baby.
    I guess keeping in aspects like me a woman should probably go for surrogacy method to have a baby..
    We are looking for a good clinic to support us and guide us through the whole process.
    BioTexCom is a good clinic with very good reputation. MAy be you can have a look at it.
    We researched about a number of clinics over the web and found many good clinics as well.
    You should also do research about surrogacy related clinics as well over the web and look for the best clinic.
    Surrogacy is the safe and the most good method of having a baby for women like us.
    Wish you a very good luck.


    I hope you are fine, sweety. Well, I think 33 is not a big age. You still have a lot of time to conceive. Don’t think about other things. Keep trying and it will work out. Take proper care of yourself. Don’t even do one mistake while you’re pregnant. Keep your diet proper. If in case, anything bad happens, then it’s better that you choose an alternative. How about going for surrogacy? Try doing some research on it. I hope you’ll find a lot of good things about it. It has a very high success rate. Don’t worry about any complications. But before that, try to conceive naturally. I’m sure it will work out for you. Good luck!


    Oh dear!Please don’t lose hope.Don’t give up yet.I do understand your fears and concerns for your married life trust me it’s so different now with high technology and all the new procedures it is not difficult anymore to have a child you’ll be given several options choose the one you think is suitable for you there are procedures like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy, keep the pros and cons of everything in your mind and consult your doctor, take opinions and then go for the best suitable option. May God bless you!!


    we are happy to see you on this forum. We will try our best to facilitate you with the best and reliable answer. I read your whole post. I can imagine that how much tired you are. You didn’t lose hope throughout your cycle. but you are doing so at this time. dear, it all bout the end. Why are you becoming helpless at this time.? you have made your efforts much more. That is really appreciable. There is a brighter day after the darkest night. So darker the night will be the brighter day will appear with a great sunshine. Just hope and wait for your right time. you will get your reward of patience and silence. For that time wish you all the best. a lot of hugs for you.


    You are going to start with the surrogate.
    We have already started the journey with our surrogate.
    We moved from Japan to Europe for surrogacy. Surrogacy is totally ban in Japan.So we moved to Europe.I had hysterectomy cancer and as a result i’m infertile.But my husband never left my side.He asked me to go for surrogacy.And we moved to Europe only for it.But in Europe we were not much satisfied with the clinics,And some one told me to go for Ukraine there are many good clinics there.So we moved to Ukraine.Now we are having twin daughters from the help of the clinic.The surrogate mother is too kind with us.God gave us two daughters as a gift to our patience, We are very thankful to everyone.
    If someone has some experience in Surrogacy let us know.
    Share your story with us too.


    Throughout an entire normal pregnancy, the mother’s ability to produce blood clots in the uterus and the placenta is suppressed. Non-clotting blood freely flows to and nourishes the baby. Some mothers may have certain conditions. Both acquired and inherited. Where clotting of the blood nourishing the baby is not suppressed. This increased tendency for the blood to clot is called thrombophilia. Treatment involves preventing blood clots and careful monitoring to make sure you don’t bleed internally. Your doctor may prescribe heparin alone or with low-dose aspirin to prevent clotting. If you have recurrent pregnancy loss and no cause is found. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a baby. It’s important to remember that 65 percent of women with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss go on to have a successful pregnancy. So, don’t give up hope!


    Hey Sophia! I hope that you are fine.It’s really sad what happened to you.Everything will be fine soon.You are still young 36 is not too old.So don’t lose hope.Life can be a pain in the ass sometimes but we have to face them with bravery.Its great that you are still fighting many pips give up but you didn’t.It means that you stronger then you know.I think that you should consult many other doctors before coming to an assumption.There are many other ways to have a child like surrogacy so never give up.May God bless you with a child.My best wishes to you and your family. Good Luck :*


    Goodness dear!Please don’t lose hope.Don’t surrender yet.I do comprehend your feelings of dread and worries for your wedded life believe me it’s so unique now with high innovation and all the new strategies it isn’t troublesome any longer to have a tyke you’ll be given a few choices pick the one you believe is reasonable for you there are techniques like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy, keep the advantages and disadvantages of everything in your psyche and counsel your specialist, take sentiments and after that go for the best appropriate choice. May God favor you!!


    Pregnancy can increase the risk factor for clotting that in abnormal. During pregnancy, thrombophilia can further increase the risk for certain complications from clotting problems. Each pregnant woman is theorized to have a four times higher risk of an abnormal clot when compared to woman who are not pregnant. It is also believed that thrombophilia can increase the risk of blood clots in the placenta or afterbirth. The placenta is where nutrients as well as oxygen are exchanged between the baby and mother. Any clots could block the flow of substances as well as other complications. Anticoagulants are used to lower the ability of the blood to clot. They do not dissolve already existing clots but that normally happens over time. The 2 more common anti-coagulants are Heparin. Warfarin. Heparin is usually administered by injection or thru IVF. It works quickly, so is often the 1st anti-coagulant used.


    Sorry to hear this. I know a woman always feel happy when she thinks to have a baby. It is the most beautiful feeling. It would not be easy to lose a baby. I can feel the pain you felt. I know how to hurt you are. A woman wants to have her own baby. I think you should try again. You should go for trying to conceive. It will help you out. Go for it before its too late. I hope that it would help you out. My best wishes are with you. I hope that you will be a mother soon. Don’t worry about anything.

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