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This is the reason I always prefer professionals. Do not settle for a doctor who does not know what his work is for. You should focus more on doctors who have been in the field long enough. I am sorry that you had to go through such hands but I believe it is never late. Since you already have a child. Then it means that you are not infertile. You are just battling with old age. Which in most cases it is not difficult to deal with. So keep on seeing your current doctor. I am sure she will be of more assistance than the other. And let this be a lesson to others too. Even the hospital that one goes to. You should ensure it has a high success rate. Check on the clients reviews. What do they have to say about their services. If there is any complain then you should start doubting. But if not then you can go on. This has not only happened to you. have had friends ho had to pass through such doctors. But I do hope we will not waste other people who will go through the same.