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You truly have been through a lot. I cannot imagine all those years ttc. I know of others who have gone through the same. But I always say that it takes courage,. In addition to persistence and patience. The journey to fertility is long and tiresome. I do hope that one day it will work for you. Because you seem to have a lot of problems. Not only endometriosis but also blocked tubes. That is not all. You also have problems with the quality of your eggs. I just think you should go for donor eggs. Then if possible try out surrogacy. Because to me it seems like carrying your own pregnancy is one of the issue. Maybe if someone else does it for you t will be better. I do hope the best for you dear. I think my information might be of help. Or you can consult your doctor for further information. I do not wish to make early judgement. You seem to have been going through a lot all those years, I am just wishing you that one day you find comfort. From all the stress of life.