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    Lisa Rose

    Hello everybody…Today I took the results … one more failure… I had endometriosis K I did laparoscopy where it was diagnosed that I had a closed tube. We managed to open the one tube and I finally got pregnant and I lost it. ..second pregnancy after 2 years and I lost the baby again.But I did not to give up … I took all the needed examinations, and my tubes were closed again ..We finally decided to go for IVF and did not make it AGAIN. After a year I made a second attempt with the long protocol because I did not I have ovaries.After my last examinations, I found out that my body produces 45years old eggs. I’ve known that I had closed tubes so I made one more lap to open my tubes, we tried with insemination, but nothing. , another surgery to be removed, they were extracorporeal and they grabbed the 2 embryos, but the extra uterine and internal bleeding, so I had one more surgery for the other embryo to reciprocate .2 failed fetuses with frozen and now I am going for a second IVF and even though I think I will have a problem again, I am trying to think positive.I wish nobody get through all this hell I am in.


    Hello there Lisa. I am sorry that you are going through this hell as you said it… THis is not the end howver dear. Maybe thats what it seems like to you right now but believe me there is more. In your life as of right now you have only seen the bad stuff. You have suffered a lot and been through hell. Again i am very sorry for that… However try to cheer up as what will come from now on will be better. It is only normal for that to happen. That’s how I know that you will be having a better life starting soon enough. I guess that’s how god operates. At first he gives us suffering and hard times! Usually after that he follows with relief and happiness. Keep on strong dear! God bless you!

    Aria miller

    Hello Lisa. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope your troubles end. Given your condition, do you think another attempt at IVF is a good idea? Why not opt for surrogacy instead? Alternately ask your doctor if whether using donor eggs would be helpful. Let me know if you want more information.

    madonna houston

    I’m really sorry to hear that! Please don’t lose hope just yet. I’m sure you will see the good days. You are probably feeling so because of the past but your future will be different. Since you had it all, I’m sure only good things will come your way. You can ib me if you need to discuss anything. I’m always here to help you.


    Hi, Lisa. So sorry to hear about your experience. I can imagine how hard it must be for you to go through laparoscopy and IVF, still not make it. There are couples who decided to give up after one failure. However, you have gone through this far. I don’t think you should give up at this point. So, the underlying cause was that you produce ‘old eggs’. I know why you must feel so down and depressed. However, I urge you to think more about positive things.
    Don’t think about negative things this time. Also, don’t let IVF overtake your life. That is a major mistake by many accounts. I try not to overthink, and go just do things I gotta do. I know it easier said than done. However, for your second time, you should try to feel more confident cause you have gone through the process. I wish you the best of luck with your second attempt. Don’t start you start IVF thinking you are going to fail. Keep us updated on your second attempt in IVF. Good day!


    You truly have been through a lot. I cannot imagine all those years ttc. I know of others who have gone through the same. But I always say that it takes courage,. In addition to persistence and patience. The journey to fertility is long and tiresome. I do hope that one day it will work for you. Because you seem to have a lot of problems. Not only endometriosis but also blocked tubes. That is not all. You also have problems with the quality of your eggs. I just think you should go for donor eggs. Then if possible try out surrogacy. Because to me it seems like carrying your own pregnancy is one of the issue. Maybe if someone else does it for you t will be better. I do hope the best for you dear. I think my information might be of help. Or you can consult your doctor for further information. I do not wish to make early judgement. You seem to have been going through a lot all those years, I am just wishing you that one day you find comfort. From all the stress of life.


    You are so optimistic. All those failures and you never gave up. I can say that you very patient. If it could be me I could have gone for other means. Like have you ever thought of trying surrogacy? It might be expensive but at the end of the day it is orth. Since you have been facing several miscarriages. To add on that we have the blocked fallopian tubes. Why don’t you try to solve the situation with a different approach. That way it will not only save you money but time. I feel it is high time you move on to another approach. Trying the same method over and over again with no positive results will not help. Anyway, the decision lies on you. You can find a professional to give you details on how to prevent future loss. I am sorry for what you have been through though.

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